26th – 27th March -2 Days in Ancient Port Town Chaul , Revdanda & Korlai Led by Prashant Gharat

Ancient Ports of India series

The maritime tradition of ancient India begins with the Indus Valley civilization which saw long-distance maritime voyages by 2900 BCE.
As the ocean trade flourished in the region, more maritime trade links were built connecting the sub-continent with the Roman Empire in the earlier times and other regions of Europe in the following period, long before the Colonial period . Some of the very important ancient ports of India are
Lothal , Muziris , Sopara , Kalyan ,Chaul , Arikamedu Port , Bharuch K. Etc
At Hallu hallu we have are already doing Sopara tour with Siddarath Kale and now we are happy to announce our new walk lead by Archaeologist Prashant Gharat

The Mumbai city we know today is just the tip of the iceberg; it has a history of more than 2500 years. It wasn’t the city as we see it today since forever. We all know it was a set of islands which was later connected by Britishers, till then it was a town surrounded by ports and trade centers like Sopara, Chaul, Thane, Kalyan, etc. From this list, Chaul is one of the ancient ports with documentary references dating back to almost 1st century CE. The referees include many travelers and traders like Ptolemy, Al Masudi, Al lstakhri, Nikitin, etc., and documents/texts like Periplus of the Erythrean sea, Kanheri Inscriptions, Texts from Cheul Mosque, and Account of Bombay, etc.

About the Tour

Date: 26th – 27th March 2022
Meeting Time: 7.30 am
Departure from Mumbai around 8:00 am by Ferry.
Meeting Place Gateway of India
Phone Number : Aslam 98674 03957

Fee : 3500.00 INR
Fee includes
Traveling cost from Gateway of India ,Mumbai to Chaul and back
Mode of transportation: Ferry Boat and 6 seater vehicles
Stay- home stay with basic facilities
2 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch, and 1 x dinner : Local Cuisines

Register here- https://forms.gle/B7cjBVRMRnivkB9G9

Highlights of the Event :

  1. Enjoy Ferry ride from Gateway of India to Alibaug
  2. Enjoy beautiful post monsoon scenic landscape of North Konkan
  3. Taste food amalgamation of Konkani and Portuguese cuisines
  4. Explore Nizamshahi , Portuguese , Yadava, Peshwa time architecture
  5. Visiting only place Korlai, where Korlai Creole Portuguese language is spoken by around 800 people of the coastal village of Korlai
  6. Visiting historical Mosques ,Temples , Synagoges , Churches

Walk Leader : Prashant Gharat
Prashant is a Presales/Marketing professional. He has done MA in Archaeology from Mumbai University, with a specialization in Art and Architecture.
He has continued in the field of research post his masters and has presented papers at seminars. Prashant had led heritage walks at the Mahakali caves organised by CEMS, Mumbai University.
He also translated a series of articles by Dr. Suraj Pandit, which was published as Mumbai Beyond Bombay by Aparant Publications and CEMS in Dec’20.

Payment details:

Account name: MohmadAslam Saiyad Bank name: HDFC Bank, Dahisar East Branch
Account number : 04431140002963 IFSC code: HDFC0000443
Or GPAY on Aslam Saiyad- 9867403957

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