Hampi with Basav Biradar 7, 8 & 9 October 

We step out of Mumbai and Konkan to explore one of the most beautiful historical sites in the Deccan – the ruins of the Vijayanagara Capital city of Hampi with Basav Biradar. The rocks of this historical place and the river that winds its path through it has many hidden stories that we will learn with Basav.


The medieval city of Vijayanagara (now called Hampi) is spread across a large area (more than 25 sq kms) and is one of the largest living archaeological sites in the world. Most remarkably, due to the historical events that took place here in the mid 16th century, the core area of the city has remained unoccupied since. The architectural remains of Vijayanagar era monuments set against the rugged and rocky landscape has catapulted Hampi to one of the top tourist destinations across the world and also earned the coveted UNESCO World Heritage site tag.

Today’s Hampi can be read as a site created by the confluence of mythology, history and archaeology. As the authors George Michell and John Fritz famously titled one of their books : “Where Kings and Gods Meet”. Scholars have discerned that the capital city of Vijayanagara can be imagined as an urban center divided into different zones – Sacred Center, Royal Center and the urban core. We will visit sites in all the three centers and stay at a nearby village (Anegundi) which was the first capital of the Vijayanagaras.

In our three day visit, our attempt will be to explore Hampi from multiple perspectives – medieval urban planning, temple architecture, royal architecture, world heritage site management etc. At the same time, we will try to immerse our selves with the contemporary cultures of local communities in the region.

Day 1

Arrival and check-in. Breakfast : 8 am to 9.30 am

Leave accommodation by 10 am for Hampi From 10 am to 12.30 pm

Themes of discussion :  Mythological beginnings of Hampi, Pre-Vijayanagara History, The story of the establishement of Vijayanagara Kingdom, Temple architecture,

Places to visit: Hemakuta Hill and Virupakasha Temple

Themes of discussion: Historical documentation and its role in historical studies, The planned city of Hampi, River Tungabhadra, Ramayana in Hampi, Cultural and political history of Vijayanagara rule, Hindu temple iconography

Places to visit: Hampi archaeological museum, Hampi Bazaar, Achyutapura, Chakrateertha,

Sugreeva’s cave, Vitthala temple.

Day 2:

Exit from accommodation by 5.45 am

Themes of discussion: The geological history of the landscape, Matanga hill

Places of Visit: Anegundi village centre, Kishkinda craft workshop, Gagan Mahal

Themes of discussion: Life in the local community, Early Vijayanagara architecture, Architectural conservation, Working with communities

Post Lunch – 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Themes of discussion: Water systems during the Vijayanagara era, Religious cults today in the region, Military architecture

Places of visit: A Vijayanagara era aqueduct, Anegundi riverfront, Ucchappa Mutt, Anegundi Fort

Day 3:

Breakfast at accommodation and exit by 9 am

9.30 am to 12.30 pm:

Places to Visit: Queens Bath, Octagonal Bath, Royal Enclosure, Hazaar Rama Temple, Zenana Enclosure

Themes of discussion: Royal life during the Vijayanagara era, Social life and Political economy in medieval times, Secular architecture, Hindu temple iconography

Lunch in local fields (12:30 – 1:30 pm) – This will be a lunch arranged in a picturesque setting (i.e. a local farm)

From 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Themes of discussion: Less visited Structures and their significance, Politics of religion and historical narratives, The war of 1565.

Places to Visit: Ahmed Khan mosque, Mohammedan Quarters, Nobleman Quarters


For more details : Aslam 9867403957

Program : 7 , 8 , 9 0ctober  2022- You have to reach and leave Hospet 

Pick up from Hospet bus stand 8.30 am, 7th October and we travel to Hampi our tour Area . 

Tour ends at 4.30 pm Hampi  , 9th October 

 You will be dropped back at Hospet around 5.30 pm 9th October 

 Private buses ply from Hospet to Mumbai 

 There is one train available from Hospet to Vasai ( Mumbai )  at the same  night ( 10th October 1.20 am )


INR 12999.00 per person  ( above 5 years ) 

That Includes

Expert’s Fee

Transportation by 12 seater or 21 seater in Hampi Area

1st Day : Breakfast  / Lunch/ Dinner

2nd day :Breakfast  / Lunch/ Dinner

3rd day :Breakfast  / Lunch

Accommodation  : Basic Village homes – Local stay  2 person sharing basis


 Basav Biradar is an independent researcher, writer and filmmaker based in Bengaluru.  He teaches courses on Indian cinema and modern Indian theatre at Azim Premji University as a visiting faculty. He is obsessed with discovering civilizations and cultures through travel. He loves reimagining places through their history and telling their stories to people in his heritage tours and writings. He never travels without a book and is always up for a meal in a new place.

“In the last 10 years that I have been visiting Hampi, I have learnt one thing—any attempts to experience the entirety of this medieval city in one trip is futile and bound to leave you exhausted. You have to let it grow on you. It is a relationship which needs to be nurtured. Every time you think you have seen enough, it teases you with new revelations and intrigues you to plan another visit.”

Read his piece on Hampi published in National Geographic Traveller  here

Payment details :
Account name: MohmadAslamSaiyad   Bank name: HDFC Bank, Dahisar East Branch
Account number : 04431140002963  IFSC code: HDFC0000443
Or GPAY on AslamSaiyad-  9867403957

Registration : click here

No refund if canceled after 1st October 2022


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