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HalluHallu or SlowlySlowly believes that the world belongs to everyone. The world is our common property and urges you to explore it with your unique eyes. Let’s go for walks and add new experiences to our unique way of seeing. A journey started by @mumbaipaused and @bombay_ka_shana to appreciate things we live with – the waterbodies , the birds , the indigenous culture , languages , people , architecture .

We create walks which take you to places which you have not thought of visiting otherwise . Our popular walks are – Dahisar River walk , where we immerse into Warli culture , Art and food . Ambu Island walk – where we sail to a beautiful island have Koli seafood – East Indian Village walk – where we taste amazing authentic EastIndian delicacies made by Mogan Rodrigues the renowned expert on EastIndian community. We have many such kind of experiences


Bombay Ka Shana a.k.a Aslam Saiyad

Aslam Saiyad alias ‘Bombay Ka Shana’, An independent photographer / and a Content creator , working through many different ways of thinking about photography and the world around us  . Visiting  lecturer at various Mass Media colleges .Aslam is a seasoned explorer of places and the communities that make these spaces. Aslam is also a student of Anthropology and Archaeology and doing research on communities living on various rivers around Mumbai .You are invited to walk with him.

He started working on documentation of rivers of Mumbai under the name Mumbai Rivers Photo Project the main aim of the project is to create awareness that Mumbai has rivers 

and he beleives survival of Warli , Koli and  Agri communities is important to save the rivers. He did some 25 street exhibitions along the bank of rivers and in the gaothans in Mumbai.You are invited to walk with him.

Media Coverage

Aslam’s interests are reflected in the stories and experiences he shares with the world.

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Mumbai Paused

a.k.a. Slogan Murugan

Slogan Murugan has been documenting the streets of Mumbai for a decade now. He has only covered a tiny fraction of the rapidly changing and growing city. He walks around the looking for stories hiding in plain sight.


Hallu Hallu was featured in DW Tv and Scroll initiative called Eco India – a series that showcases innovative concepts and projects from India and Europe on environmental sustainability and ideas for a more sustainable tomorrow.


Hallu Hallu in Hindustan times

In hurried Mumbai, a new initiative, Hallu Hallu, aims to take it slow and observe parts of the city you don’t usually visit
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Hallu Hallu in Mid-Day Mumbai
 It was wonderful to mingle with Warlis and experience their way of life. The walk was well-paced with plenty of halts.

Vineeta Ramchandani in Midday, Mumbai