Register for three days in Janwaar

Discover how skateboarding is changing the lives of many children in Janwaar. Janwaar Castle is India’s first and biggest skatepark in a rural area and is Ulrike Reinhard’s brainchild. In this remote village, she has brought alive an incredible story of change. Children here have became role models for many others, including their parents and family members through the sport of skateboarding that has given them self-confidence and self-esteem.

Leaders Aslam aka Bombay Ka Shaana and Ulrike

Who should join this Hallu Hallu experience?
1 People who want to build their portfolio as a sports/action photographer – the barefooted kids on their skateboards will be a very special challenge!
2 People who want to build their portfolio as a documentary photographer. We will learn how to document a village vividly.
3 People who want to build their portfolio as a portrait photographer. Janwaar has a mixed population of Yadav and Adivasi

Location Janwar, District Panna, State: Madhya Pradesh
Fee Rs 9,900
Fee includes Home Stay and 3 home-cooked meals
How to reach
By air The closest airport is Khajuraho (22 km). Jabalpur is 250 km away, a 5 hours drive.
By train The closest railway station is Khajuraho (20 km); Satna is 70 km away and Jhansi 160 km. There is a daily train from/to Delhi. There are 38 trains from Mumbai to Satna.

Date November 23 24 25, 2019


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