Hallu Hallu experience in Janwaar

Fri, 21 Feb 9:00AM – Sun, 23 Feb 10:00PM
Janwaar Castle

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Cost: Rs 11,000
Includes Home Stay for 3 days, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for 3 days (Veg)
Common Pickup & Drop, from Satna Railway Station

Skateboarding is changing the lives of many children in Janwaar. Janwaar Castle, India’s first and biggest skatepark in a rural area, is Ulrike Reinhard’s brainchild. She designed it as a social experiment and it beautifully worked. What unfolded in this remote village is an incredible story of change. Social, cultural and economic change. The children became true change-makers. They took the lead and became role models for many others, including their parents and family members. Skateboarding has given them self-confidence and self-esteem

Location: Janwar, District Panna, State: Madhya Pradesh

How to reach :
By air: The closest airport is Khajuraho (22 km). Jabalpur is 250 km away, a 5 hours drive.

By train: The closest railway station is Khajuraho (20 km); Satna is 70 km away and Jhansi 160 km. There is a daily train from/to Delhi. There are 38 trains from Mumbai to Satna

Fee includes:

Home Stay for 3 days. (You will be staying in the house with local villagers)

Home-cooked meals for 3 days (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner – Veg)

Pickup/Drop from & to Satna Railway Station / Visit to Khajuraho

Entry ticket to Khajuraho Main Temple

Mentor/Speaker/Local Guides

Fee excludes:

Travel to Satna / To Janwaar(If you are flying to Jabalpur). If you are flying to Khajuraho, you can join the team directly at the temple site.

It also excludes anything which is not specified.

Imp* We have organized a bus from Satna station to Khajuraho and it will drop us back at Janwaar. There will be a common drop arranged for Satna station on the morning of 24th, so please book your return tickets accordingly. If you choose to leave on your own, there are local buses available from the highway, which would take you to Satna. Travel time from Janwaar to Satna is approx 2 hours.

Things to Carry:

1. Camera gear

2. Warm clothes/ Jackets

3. Comfortable shoes

4. ID card

5. Jio sim card (Jio has good network here. Other networks work only in limited areas)

6. Although there is electricity, it’s not reliable. So carry set of power bank/extra batteries

7. Extra memory cards, if you are not carrying HD & Laptop.

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