Dawat E Mhavra | दावत ए म्हावरं | Koli Food Feast 27th Feb 2022

We invite you to a Koli fest, the Dawat-E-Mhavra.
This fish feast will also give an insight on how to eat fish, what is the best time to eat a particular fish.

Everyone knows that the Koli fisherfolks are one of the oldest communities that call Mumbai their home. But today, their livelihoods and way of life are under threat from multiple fronts, and they are sidelined to the edges of the city’s life. The fishing community is also being exploited politically. The ‘children of the soil’ face the challenge of saving their villages or Koliwadas and livelihoods from pollution threats to the sea.

At Hallu Hallu we create moments and experiences to better understand our city – its older culture, languages, and food. We also conduct walks to acknowledge the traditions of coastal communities of the Mumbai region, be it Versova, Madh, Worli, and Ambu Island walk or the East Indian walks.

One way to experience it is through food and the best time to savour is during January and February. The best place to share a Koli meal is in a Koli home.

Hallu Hallu would love to introduce you to culinarian Harsha Tapke. Harsha Tapke has represented her Koli community on various forums. She was also part of the team that worked on Lost Recipe called Paplet Pankanji. She is also an integral part of many 5 star hotels when Koli food festivals are held.

We invite you to a Koli fest, the Dawat-E-Mhavra, as the experience is called in the Tapke family’s own language.
This feast will also give an insight on how to eat fish , what is the best time to eat a particular fish.

So here is the Feast Dawat E Mhavra in (Tapke family’s own name for the feast)
मासे खायला… आम्ही शिकवतो !
ताजे आणि कोळी परंपरेचे टेस्टी ॳॅंड हेल्थी मासे.
होम मास्टरशेफ हर्षा मावशी यांच्या घरी.
पारंपारिक कोळी पद्धतीने बनविलेले स्वादिष्ट , रुचकर ताजे मासे…

The food serving is not limited *

सुरमई फ्राय
कोळंबी मसाला
रावस आंबट
बोंबील फ्राय

Menu for the Dinner
Surmai Fry
Kolambi Masala
Rawas Ambat
Bombil fry with Chutney
Dessert Khirapat
And Solkadi

Our hosts:
Harsha Tapke renowned Culinarian
Rajhans Tapke, Editor , Sagar Shakti
Tanay Tapke, Founder of @BombayStateFisheries

About the feast :

About the feast :
Date : 27th February 2022
Time :7.00 pm
Darat Cost per person 1400.00 /-
Address : Rajni Kathin Niwas , Dongarai Galli. Near Vetal dev Mandir
Versova Koliwada

Payment details
Account name: MohmadAslamSaiyad -Bank name: HDFC Bank, Dahisar East Branch
Account number : 04431140002963 IFSC code: HDFC0000443
Or GPAY on AslamSaiyad- 9867403957

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